Reviews from Patients: Smart Choice Medical Clinic in Tyler, TX

Discover what our patients have to say about their experiences at Smart Choice Medical Clinic in Tyler, TX. Read insightful reviews and testimonials from individuals who have received exceptional care and experienced positive outcomes. Gain valuable insights into the quality of our services, compassionate approach, and the satisfaction of our patients.

  • Bryant K.
    Dr. Johnson is a amazing physician and did a great job at listening about the symptoms I was having and diagnosing it . Her staff done a great job in assisting me with great service and was very clean and thorough throughout the process . I would just like to say I really appreciated the kindness and the speed of results and the communication . Great place 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿
    Bryant K.
  • Anta M.
    Guerda Johnson, FNP-C @ Smart Choice Medical Clinic is an exceptional provider. She goes over and beyond in caring for her patients. Her professional care is so appreciated by the way she listens and addresses my needs. She has served me and my family over the years and and medical advice was always spot on. The facility is in a wonderful location, its clean, open, and covid compliant. I would recommend her gladly to anyone.
    Anta M.
  • Sheena C.
    We showed up early to our appointment my husband and I they took us right in! They were very sweet! The dr was so involved asked us about our family and talked like we were human beings she was so very sweet and took time with us. We got blood work and it went very smooth we definitely recommend this clinic to everyone!!!!!
    Sheena C.
  • LaShawn M.
    I came here after having a bad experience and being dismissed by a doctor at another clinic. This place is awesome. I know that’s a unique way to describe a clinic, but it’s really true. First of all, the clinic was very clean, homey, and spacious. Then, most importantly, NP Guerda and Assistant Yesica was so welcoming, friendly, and knowledgeable, and addressed all my concerns thoroughly and patiently. Today is 5 days after being treated by NP Guerda, and after following her treatment plan, I’m able to walk, get in and out of bed, and get dressed on my own. When I went in, I could do none of those things because I was in debilitating back pain. I’m so grateful to NP Guerda and her team. Oh, Yesica also speaks Spanish, which I didn’t need but may be helpful for someone to know.
    LaShawn M.
  • Adrienne S.
    Wow! I’m so glad I found this place, extremely professional and efficient. I was able to make an appointment the same day for a first time visit, the appointment went smooth and the staff and doctors are extremely professional! I would 100% recommend, also this is the most affordable option for individuals without insurance that I found in Tyler Texas. I highly, highly recommend!
    Adrienne S.
  • Ami G.
    Very friendly and personable staff! They were able to fit me in the same day! Ms. Johnson is very thorough, respectful and her bedside manner is impeccable. Prices are reasonable and fair! Will definitely go back!
    Ami G.
  • Jacob T.
    Best clinic experience I’ve had, from the scheduling to the end of visit was awesome! They actually called back the next day early with lab results and check up on how I felt. She was very thorough with the questioning to get the right info for diagnosis. Will definitely be using this clinic in the future!
    Jacob T.
  • Sarah B.
    We have been there twice now, once for my daughter and once for my husband. Both were very good experiences. They are clean, professional and affordable for uninsured patients. They consider your input and make you feel like you are part of the care team. Never had to wait longer than a few minutes. Highly recommended!
    Sarah B.
  • Yesica C.
    My husband is a cdl truck driver and this medical clinic also offers D.O.T physicals which is great! (He’ll never get on here to leave a review)They were able to schedule him the same day and he didn’t have to wait long at all. I was very impressed as he always complains of having to wait for hours. He also mentioned that it was very clean which is something that stood out to me since he has never made that comment before. Definitely recommend 10/10 . We will be letting all his coworkers to come here from now on .
    Yesica C.
  • Martin S.
    Best service out of any medical clinic I've ever been at. The nurse at the front was very helpful and informative and didn't rush me or anything, and was very patient. She was quick but still addressed any questions I had and did her job thoroughly. Dr. Guerda Johnson was very kind and answered all my questions and concerns, and gave me multiple options. Overall, the prices were very affordable and reasonable for the large amount of services they offer.
    Martin S.
  • A. Sutherland
    I was able to secure an appointment within an hour, and received prompt service without having to wait in a long line. I was listened to and treated with great dignity and humanity regarding my medical concerns (ear pain that turned out to be an eardrum perforation). Now I am on the road to recovery with the necessary medicines for pain relief and preventing infection. Nurse Johnson and her staff are very personable and kind and I highly recommend them.
    A. Sutherland
  • Kayla N.
    My ears were plugged/impacted from earwax and I could barely hear for almost a month. Calling around with no insurance it was not possible for me to get any help. I came across these nice folks and they honored a price for me that I could finally afford. From start to finish I was treated so nice. It took awhile because my ears both were severe but the entire time during the process I was showed they cared for me the ENTIRE time. I am very thankful I came across this company, my whole world has changed that includes my job is so much easier since I can HEAR 100 PERCENT ❤️! If you need help and have no insurance this is one great place to go, don't give up call them! Smart Choice Medical thank you so much for helping me! Y'all are all amazing people!
    Kayla N.
  • Joan M.
    Needed a DOT physical so I googled clinics in the area. I always read the reviews first. The reviews for this place were awesome and I was not disappointed. The receptionist was kind and helpful with any questions. The nurse practitioner was knowledgeable and thorough and respectful. And the best part was there was no wait time 😇
    Joan M.
  • Aaron M.
    Visiting with my wife, we needed to be 1 hour late to our reservation. The staff was incredibly patient, kind, helpful, and hospitable. I am impressed by their professional courtesy. These people do Tyler Texas proud.
    Aaron M.
  • P. ELLIS
    This was the best agency I’ve ever used when it’s time to get my DOT med card recertification. Friendly staff, they offered me water , & put me in a massage chair while I wait for my paperwork. In & out in less than 30 mins. You can call for an appointment and they will get you in. And a side note : you don’t have to fill out a lot of paperwork. One piece of paper lol. And they keep a copy on file just in case you ever lose it .
    P. ELLIS
  • Marissa T.
    I would highly recommend this affordable medical clinic. The environment was so nice and clean. The service I received was courteous and professional. I was treated with compassion the moment I stepped in the door. Her staff member was so kind. She offered me water which I thought was very thoughtful and she was very professional while checking me in, checking my vitals and performing blood work. My provider, Dr. Guerda Johnson was so amazing. She took a very different approach than any physician I have ever encountered. She was very compassionate and attentive to my needs. She was very thorough and I did not feel rushed at all and I felt that my well-being was top priority.
    Marissa T.
  • Jenn
    This was the best experience at a doctor's office I've had in 20 years. Amazing office staff and Ms. Guerda Johnson was fabulous. She made me feel heard and I was treated with respect. I would absolutely recommend this clinic. In fact, I've already recommended it to a friend who was looking for a cash only clinic as well. This is what the entire medical community should strive for.
  • Raven A.
    Finally, just what I was looking for in medical care! They are friendly. They are affordable. They are convenient. They actually listen to the patient, and offer advice when needed and prescriptions only when needed, vs what I was receiving at a major hospital system, at which I was given a laundry list of several prescriptions that are typically written for my age group (luckily I said no, kept looking, and found Smart Choice and Dr. Johnson). They offer compounded prescriptions and supplements, which was really important to me. I am spending much less for complete medical care than I was spending monthly on just insurance premiums and OTC supplements, and getting what I actually need based on my labs, vs the shotgun approach. The compounded medication and supplements I am now taking is so much more effective than what I was getting "off the shelf." I will be a patient here for life.
    Raven A.
  • Joanna C.
    Dr. Johnson was absolutely amazing! I came in with an ankle sprain from less than 24 hours ago, desperate to get it healed quickly because I'm on my feet 8+hrs a day for work. She was compassionate, helpful, and gave me all the tools I needed to be off crutches in less than a week. Her expertise in the field was incredible and she shared specific tips on exercises, icing/heating, when to take Tylenol/advil, epsom salt soaks, etc. She listened to my concerns and was able to give me a steroid shot that same day and a course of steroids for the week, unlike doctors in the past who accused me of being over dramatic (I've had other sports injuries that didn't get addressed as quickly early on and unfortunately got worse). I would recommend her to anyone and had the best care I could have asked for from her. Thank you Dr. Johnson for being an incredible care provider serving the Tyler area!!
    Joanna C.
  • Bonnie
    This is a caring place! I was amazed at the treatment they show and once the doctor knew she couldn't help me, BLESS HER HEART she refunded my money. DON'T worry I'm coming back for all other health needs. Awesome place caring means allot! 10 stars from me