Affordable Pricing for Non-Members at Smart Choice Medical in Tyler, TX

Affordable Non-Member Pricing: Accessible Healthcare at Smart Choice Medical in Tyler, TX. Experience top-quality medical services without membership requirements. Our competitive pricing ensures that you receive the care you need at a price that fits your budget. Enjoy affordable healthcare options without compromising on quality at Smart Choice Medical in Tyler, TX.

Non-Members Pricing

Telehealth Visit Call For Pricing
Office Visit  
E-consult Fee  
Annual Physical  
Allergy Testing and Treatment  
Breathing Treatment  

In Office or Point of Care Labs

In office labs or point of care lab tests costs non-members – in office labs free for members
A1C Test Call For Pricing
Blood Sugar Test  
Cholesterol Test  
Flu Test  
H Pylori  
Mono Screen  
Occult Blood Stool  
Pregnancy Test  
Strep Test  
Urinalysis for Urinary Tract Infection  
Complete Metabolic Panel  

Other Labs

Most labs are drawn in house and sent to LabCorp.